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Originally posted by Kat.C
Does aikido have no punches or kicks at all? It will be hard to resist doing that!
It does have them although they might be utilized differently (it really depends on the dojo though). Strikes are generally used as more of a positional tool to break balance or get your attacker to respond in a certain way. Kicks are a whole different can of worms and quite a lot goes unanswered in that realm although I think a fair amount of people would be fine with them as a way to loosen up your attacker. You will certainly get to punch in your role as an attacker.

I've found it rather funny in a way, that people seem to question the effectiveness of aikido for self defense (this was referred to on a few posts I've read here.)
I do that sometimes. Sometimes just to liven things up and sometimes because I see things to question in the training methods I've been exposed to. There are dojos which have virtually no self-defense value and there are others which are quite strong in this area and as such your mileage will vary.

Note: I do see self-defense and martial effectiveness as somewhat different topics.

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