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[quote]I bet you will come to love the black hole feeling. It's the feeling of a technique done very right. No force, no muscle, just "how the heck did I get here on the mat?". [quote]

Hello Greg

I can certainly vouch for that kinda feeling having been launched into near geosync orbit by some very capable godan and sandan aikidoka. Its very satisfying to know what it feels like when the technique is done correctly and with power and also knowing that the ukemi was appropriate.

The main thing was that they were skilled enought to guide the uke into the correct position to allow the proper ukemi to be done so that the technique can be done powerfully but safely. That ofcourse assumes that uke is skilled enought to receive properly

It gives me a very tangible benchmark to aspire to when I do my techniques.

Yes having the world dropped out from under me and being sucked into a black hole is very appropo...and a real buzz when you ukemi out of it.

Mind you I have been in situations where I have been lax and complacent in my ukemi with me ending up looking like tatami generously layered with strawberry jam and vegemite .

Much to the disgust of my and much heavy sighing from my sensei. At least I know what Wile e Coyote feels like sometimes

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