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Re: Using Aikido to teach Communication & Intimacy skills **WARNING: This Thread may involve Adult Concepts, but please still keep posts non-explicit**

Greg Maroda wrote: View Post
Sure, blame me for the cultural gender roles you're assigning and then blaming me for. If you're not going to argue in good faith and without insults, you're not worth arguing with at all.
>OP makes a post about masculine and feminine energy in Aikido, first establishing these terms, and then using "him" and "her" as shorthand to elaborate on the concept
>female comes in and makes a bad faith post about it, throwing a fit about "oppression", while the thread had absolutely nothing to do with any oppression, and was an innocent query about energy
>I point out that she's being irrational
>male white knight barges in to protect the female, writes another post in bad faith, strawmanning the entire thread and accusing me of sexism (the irony is palpable)
>gets called out on it
>complains about "insults" when I roll my eyes at him
>female comes back in and doubles up on how she's been "oppressed" in this thread

The terms to describe both of your behaviors would be "performative" and "virtue signaling". Don't make me turn this car around.
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