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Michael Boulet
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Using Aikido to teach Communication & Intimacy skills **WARNING: This Thread may involve Adult Concepts, but please still keep posts non-explicit**

Apart from being an aikidoist (I generally use "aikidoka", but some object that that term should be reserved for those at a very high level or for whom it is a full-time career... but that is for another forum) I am also a mediator, arbitrator, and lawyer, and I teach conflict management skills.

For several years now I have been exploring the use of aikido concepts and basic movements in my teaching and I am interested in hearing about others who might be doing something similar and what your experiences have been.

Recently I have been expanding this into the realm of intimacy. It is fascinating how the roles of Uke and Nage parallel the roles of what is sometimes referred to as masculine and feminine energy - the masculine (Nage) being required to take charge and lead Uke, whilst being fully aware of, and responsive to, what uke is doing and where she is at, and being responsible to care for and protect her in the process. It is vitally important that Uke trusts Nage and feels safe in order that Uke can fulfill her role of being fully open to Nage, following his lead and achieving that delicate balance of being an active and energetic participant, but giving up her center and allowing Nage to take her (balance) at the appropriate moment.

I would love to hear what others think and am happy to share my own thoughts and insights as well.

If you are interested in these topics, but prefer not to post in a public forum, I can be reached at

Thanks for your interest,
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