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Terry Dobson and Correct Ukemi

I'm going to do my best to quote the story as Terry told it:
For a couple years, I was everywhere Tohei was. And he just loved to take me around with him. He had this schtick. He'd be in front of all these Japanese, they'd all been through the war, and he'd start in, "With the power of aikido, even a giant gaijin is helpless. Look at this man. He's a monster, isn't he. And now, I . . ." and then he'd throw me around and all would be well in the land of Wa. So one time, we were doing this demo in front these little old ladies, it was, I don't know, the "Little Old Ladies Knitting Society," or something, Tohei would demonstrate everywhere, and he started in, "Look at this gaijin, this huge gaijin. Go ahead, hit me with all your might, gaijin-san, it will have no effect against the power of aikido!" And I was thinking, "I love you, Tohei sensei, so I got to give you might best," and I came steaming in like an eighteen wheeler highballin' down Route 5 with a load of angle iron in the back of the truck and a load of meth between my eyes <OK, Terry didn't exactly say that part, but it demanded to be writtent and I hit him right between the eyes with a shomen uchi. And Tohei sensei stiffened like a poleaxed steer and fell flat out on his back. Unconscious. And there was dead silence. And I was standing there wringing my hands thinking, 'Oh s**t, I just killed my sensei.' and after the longest time, his eyes opened, he gets right to his feet and he yells at me, "You idiot, you did it wrong! Hit me again."