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Re: VoE: AWASE - The Principle of AIKI

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In my limited experience with DR, I have found Hanmi to be prevalent in the lower level jujutsu waza of the art - however with the higher level aiki DR, there is no hanmi - just my opinion of course

It's worth noting that not all "Hanmi" is the same anyway. So pointing out -a- particular hanmi is more exact. That said, beyond its use to make your "martial art" more uniform,(and lets face it, we all have to do that to one degree or another in our arts) I can make a case for it being practically useless to even being detrimental to stability in actual combative movement.
Speaking of Stevens and supposed quotes from Osensei....
Remember; Ueshiba never said stand in hanmi in the supposed quote Stevens offered. He actually said stand with six direction awareness ; before, during and after each technique." This has a veeery different and deeper meaning to someone educated in the higher level arts like Ueshiba was. It is an exact term used.
Sadly, most translators were not so well educated in the deeper teachings, well known terminology of them and the concepts they described and thier matter how long they trained. I value and appreciate people having twenty years of experience-but as I am being told by hundreds of teachers with up to 45 years in-they are now realizing much of what they were taught was...well...missing critical, known and path changing information
Chris Li is correcting many of the earlier mistakes.

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