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The problem with Kata is that you never face the pressure you will face against resistance. Thus you will never acclimate yourself to using your technique under pressure. If you can do ikkyo a million times perfectly in kata, that has very little bearing on how you will do it once under pressure, in an ever changing situation.
You make some great points in your last post Chris but I respectfully disagree with this statement...If one does Kata with diligence and focus the results will be that you will prevail in 95% of any encounter. At least that is my experience....
I will be honest here.Because of some current life events I am a Martial Arts Hobbiest not a Martial Artist.I hope to get back to practice every day a few hours a day but at most I do only an hour or two. This is what separates the Hobbiest from the Artist. The time I spend practicing by myself. The time I spend doing Kata and Solo training. That is true with any Martial Practice. If you only "do it in the Dojo" well then at best you're a rank amateur with dangerous mindset in the context of this discussion. I harp on my fellow Aikidoka all the time not to expect to be any good at Aikido if all they do is come to the Dojo a few times a week. Kata and Solo training are essential foundations to good practice and your Martial Effectiveness.

I have stayed out of this discussion until now because I have not seen anything yet that qualifies as "full resistance" in my mind. I have seen folks doing bad Judo some grappling and battling the mad hand of ikkyo and nikkyo. LOL

Where's the Atemi and Foot Sweeps? Again it's just my opinion if someone grabs you and locks you up you better find something to hit otherwise you're just dancing. Unless of course It is JUDO I am watching and not Aikido.

William Hazen
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