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Re: Anybody doing yoga?

Dan Richards wrote: View Post
If we get an understanding that much of what is passed off as "yoga" is more of a modern 20th-century patchwork based on its rising popularity in the West, and not some ancient system from India, we might then give an open ear to How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body
I particularly liked this quote:

Instead of doing yoga, "they need to be doing a specific range of motions for articulation, for organ condition," he said, to strengthen weak parts of the body. "Yoga is for people in good physical condition. Or it can be used therapeutically. It's controversial to say, but it really shouldn't be used for a general class."

I think this applies to budo, including aikido (as taught by Ueshiba and most of his senior students), as well. The general health and flexibility of most westerners is atrocious IME. They simply are not able to train properly due to health issues. classical Asian systems were designed for highly mobile, flexible people who had some degree of mind/body control prior to staring practice and ate well.
Before taking up practice, modern people need to do something similar, which in many cases involves a major lifestyle shift. I know this isn't a popular statement, but it's true. An Aikido teacher once said to me "don't do aikido to get fit, get fit to do aikido!". Now, I'm off for a walk!
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