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Re: Anybody doing yoga?

Bill Danosky wrote: View Post
Well I do NOT think so. I think Aikido is based on the Omoto Kyo sect of Shinto's interpretation of indigenous Japanese philosophy, and I think you think so, too.

I am now giving up on this thread about yoga, which is based on principals from INDIA.
I was responding to your question about Yoga with the Hiroshi Tada link, not about Daoist principles (that should be clear from the quoted portion, which was about yoga).

With regards to Daoist principles - what makes you think that Omoto-kyo doesn't embrace them?

More to the point when you go back to the sources that both Onisaburo Deguchi and Morihei Ueshiba used the links are extremely clear.

I've laid out some of them in my blog (there's a lot more) - it's fine if you don't agree with that, but please don't try and tell me what I think.



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