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Re: A Woman's Center

Tonya Woods wrote:

Your comment is inappropriate and ridiculous.
Tim Rohr wrote:
Finally, I agree with Tonya, Jon. That comment was completely inappropriate and juvenile. Find a chat room.
Whoa - chill guys; I don't think Jon's comment was meant to be either sexist or sexual in nature. Women have 'em; men don't - strictly from an observational basis; it could seem that relatively large masses that high on the torso could affect the CG - The way I read it; that was what Jon was asking; I think as adults we can discuss such things without resorting to locker-room mentality.*

In truth; they don't - to my knowledge anyway - have any effect on the body's CG that isn't overwhelmed by the differences in basic body design. Basically; the breast is a fatty structure supporting and protecting the mammary glands - not very massive (heavy) at all. By contrast; men tend to have a much heavier upper body musculature and skeletal build; which is why our CG is centered more in the chest; rather than the woman's which is in the hips.

* Edit - after re-reading that; it looked to me like I might be accusing someone here of that. I'm not - just pointing out that IMO Jon hasn't either.

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