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Re: A Woman's Center

Dave Organ wrote:
And to my understanding; though related the 'center' or one-point is not the same as the CG. The CG is a physical point at which gravity affects the body as a whole. The hara OTOH is a spiritual point through which an aikidoist focusses his/her energy and movement.
The way I use the term "center'" isn't spiritual but conceptual/physical in nature. It may not be the literal center of gravity, but when I try moving "from my center," it allows me to connect my hands/arms (usually my "connectors") with my legs (usually my "affectors"). As such, I tend to see "center" as a concept that cultivates my using my entire body (from the point of contact with my partner down to the ground). In addition, the concept also allows me to articulate my body more freely (eg using my hips, knees, elbows) by shifting my awareness away from the point of contact.

It seems from many scieitific studies that women do have a lower center of gravity than men. However, I'll observe that this doesn't necessarily mean that they have a lower "hara" or "center."

-- Jun

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