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Jun Akiyama (akiy) wrote:
Here's another example. Say you run into someone who spends his time trying to just get to the end of the technique regardless of the integrity of his posture during the execution. He muscles, totters, and nearly falls over you as he throws you in iriminage.

Rather than just saying something like, "Hey, you're muscling through the technique and not keeping your balance" to him, what sort of "higher" level teaching (a meta-teaching, perhaps?) can you point out to help him realize these things on his own?

-- Jun
Wouldn't just some basic paired exercises in balance breaking and ones for checking posture help such a person to become aware of the problems they are having when executing techniques? One of my karate senseis had us do some balance breaking exercises which allowed you to feel not only how little effort and movement is required to unbalance someone else but how easy it was for someone to unbalance you. We did them in various stances and would do them with and without lowering our centers and vary which partner lowered their center and sometimes both did, sometimes neither. These exercises made me very conscious of my posture and balance during techniques back then, and now in aikido.


I find the aquisition of knowledge to be relatively easy, it is the application that is so difficult.
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