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paul watt (paw) wrote:
Teach them to flow in a dynamic environment.

Scott Sonnon on "Flow"
Paul, I'm nearly speechless. It's beautiful!

Reinforcing technical-dependency for confidence-development requires placing trust in an intangible "concept" hoping that it will somehow bring competency. We've become martial idolaters, worshipping at the throne of the sacred Technique, praying that it will bestow upon us competency, wisdom, and autonomy. It will not. It cannot. How many times have we heard the question, "What style has better techniques?" We hear this said, and yet we all KNOW intuitively that it is not this elusive, ephemeral concept of a "technique" that lends victory, but our own natural capabilities. Where would we be as a culture, if each person KNEW this? Just imagine if no one was conditioned to be not-talented (for we are all naturally talented with our own "unique genius.") How many times have we seen "Free-thinkers" (the "Gifted") who come to class, listen attentively to the instructor, and then during dynamic drills, they explore, improvise, innovate? It's fulfilling to be creative. They enjoy themselves quite a bit, doesn't they? It would be amazing if the entire class was full of "natural talent," wouldn't it? Well, it is.


We should tell them to go. Go play. Go work. Go explore. You are your own authority. This is the greatest service we could do... and so many coaches are terrified to do it. I know I still am. I know I still get the willies and think "Am I no longer needed?" We're always needed, just not for that. We are NOT needed to think for them. We are needed to keep providing the reinforcement and environment conducive to maintaining independence.

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