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Re: Opinions on Doyu gi's

Thank you Neal.

I thought the Doyu honeycomb looked very similar to the Tozando "Sou" waffle knit.

I also had experience at a seminar with an owner of the "seersucker" and he also commented that it turned into a soggy rag after a while. I am glad the waffle weave did not similar exhibit this behavior.

Tozando now makes pants also out of the waffle weave fabric. From your experience with the jackets, do you think these would hold up to suwariwaza and general practice, or do you think it is a better combination of standard cotton pants and the lighter top?

Sorry for the 20 questions, but you seemed to have Tozando, Doyu, and Bujin experience, which I have discovered, is exactly what I was searching for.
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