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Re: Opinions on Doyu gi's


We have several students with the "standard" Doyu Gi jacket and basic pants. I think the quality is good and the students who wear them seem to find them comfortable. They are too new on the market to comment on durability. I have seen their "honeycomb" jacket at seminars, but I did not have the chance to discuss the jacket with the owners.

I used to buy my Gi and Hakama from Iwata, but I found over the years that their quality has gone down a bit, while the prices have gone up (partly due to the exchange rate).

I prefer Tozando. I have been buying their Gi's and Hakama for both Aikido and Iaido and the quality has been exceptional. I do own the "Sou" waffle knit Gi jacket. I like it a lot. They wash and dry with ease and have been very durable. They are great for the warm/hot weather. They wick-away moisture very well. Unlike the "seersucker" Gi, which I found not to wick very well and when it gets saturated, it tends to stick to your body. I also have their 'classic' Gi, which I use most of the time.

I have also bought from Tozando a "Kuh" Sashiko knit Gi, because I wanted to try it out. It is very comfortable and does breath well. However, it is polyester and I prefer the feel (and tradition) of cotton. Also, since it is polyester, it does not look like a bleached-white Gi, it has a slight bluish tint to it.

I do not like BuJin...period.
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