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Re: tracking your training hours

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Jason, I don't see how. A signin sheet works fine. If we had an automated system, we'd still have to enter the information manually, so what's the benefit?

If you have a sign in sheet and someone is making a real effort to track time, they are taking that sign in sheet and entering it somehwere else. Either a self-made spreadsheet or something along those lines. Well, they could just be keeping a book of individual sheets that they will, at some time, go through to calculate total hours, but that is just insane. So if someone is having to take the sign in sheet and enter it again into something, why not make that something a website that is:

1. accessible by both teachers and students, so students can check their own hours, review a previous class lesson (what was it we worked on the other night), etc.

2. calculates hours for you

3. allows you to present other information to dojo members (organizational forms, testing requirements, handbook, whatever).

4. calendar of dojo events

5. contact a teacher, make a class request, etc

6. sign up for special classes so that a teacher knows who plans to attend

information technology has fairly well proven that it's better than paper for most anything that you want to keep track of.
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