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Re: Regarding James Smith

Tanner Hukezalie wrote:
Unless his actions have affected his dojo directly, his instructor has no right to oversee his actions in his personal life, which includes time on Aikiweb. His instructor has far overstepped his bounds as a disciplinarian, if he has the right to take that title.
Perhaps the instructor felt that James' actions DID affect his dojo and reputation directly.

I think James' biggest problem was that he thought this forum was the same as some of the more juvenile ones out there. Where your "web persona" is expected to be different from your own and ''trash" talking is an art form. I think many overreacted to his statements here, especially that last one. However, he clearly embarrassed people who's names he dropped - people directly connected to his teacher. I tell you he would not have lasted in my dojo either.

I would not have asked him to apologize or give his real name - I would have asked him to refrain from the forums that could even possibly be read by the people he offended. A simple choice forums or this dojo.

By the way there is at least one other aikiweb poster that was asked to leave his dojo because of postings here. James' instructor was not exactly setting precedent.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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