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Re: The meaning of omote and ura

Mark Uttech wrote:
This could be a little off the track of the thread, but I took my study of omote and ura deeply into my everyday surroundings. I would watch the flight patterns of sparrows and try to see if the pattern was omote and ura. And on the more mundane side: when you mount a roll of toliet paper, do you place the roll so that the paper is coming over the top, which would be omote, or does the paper come from behind, which is ura? And, which position would defeat the intentions of a kitten to unroll the whole thing? In gassho
1. I prefer what you call omote
2. None. Maybe ura is somewhat better as just twisting the roll (typically front down), would not give an automatic start point. But the second they start to tear at the free end, the game is over

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