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Re: Poll: Do you wash your aikido belt?

ze'ev erlich wrote:
I want all my bodogu (budo equipment) to be clean. I ask my students to wash their white belt if it gets dirty.
An old and worn black belt does show your years-long training but I don't like it when people who are too proud about it... Last time I saw Doshu - Moriteru Ueshiba, he was wearing a simple white belt !
You can take anything and twist it to prove anything you want.
I could suggest that doshu's wearing a white belt is a symbol of pride, saying that he thinks he has attained a beginner's mind. I could called that too proud or falsely modest.
Not that I do, because he's enttiled to do what he wants for his own reasons. As am I.
The only difference is that I don't have people bottling my every fart as if it were the elixir of life.
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