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Re: Golden Center Aikido for your pleasure

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I sure cannot feel by how it looks, but I don't see any attack, any unbalance, they are just walking, uke taking toris hand, do you think with that iriminage anybody will fall down?
Everything goes slowly...
Ok I'm opened minded, if Graham call it martial art...Tai Chi is also a martial art..
Absolutelly right! You cannot feel by how it looks, but any aikidoka with some experience, that has practiced with real attacks can see that nobody's actually attacking, nobody's breaking nobody's ballance, nobody's applying effective techniques in this video. And it's not only a matter of speed. This isn't aikido with no force. This is aikido with no aikido. Aikido is a non- resisting martial art, but a martial art nevertheless. They keep on redusing it to nothingness and then they are trying to find street effectiveness in Anderson Silva's U.F.C videos! Beats the hell out of me!!
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