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Re: Yoshinkan and "aiki"

Dan Harden wrote: View Post

I look at all of this like a better way to work. If someone shows up on a job site with a better tool and method to cut wood-the carpenters there would not have an ego or vested interest in their previous method holding them back from working more efficiently and making a better living! I have seen it happen where entire crews change on the spot and/or buy knew equipment.

Budo should be the same way. Movement is movement. There are things you can see in interaction and movement.

IME, it is mistake to think that all "movement" and all methods are equal and some guys are just more powerful than others. There are more efficient ways to move; externally and internally and fighting with it or not, is a different topic all together.
While it's fine for people to follow this line of thinking, I think it oversimplifies the value of learning the traditional arts. There's so much more going on in these arts than "efficient movement".

I think of a Jazz saxophone player listening to a shakuhachi player and dismissing it on the grounds that it wouldn't "work"
in the Blue Note on a Saturday night. You're judging something based on criteria that it was never meant to be judged on.

A huge number of traditional skills/bodies of knowledge have been wiped out across Europe over the past few centuries because they weren't "efficient"and we're all the poorer for it now.

Dismissing traditional traditional modes of learning/transmission merely because they're inconvenient to our current lifestyles is shortsighted IMO.
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