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A.K.I. Aikido Dojo and Camping Ground for all Aikidoka

Posted 2011-08-13 22:05:55 by Chicko Xerri
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Aiki Nature Reserve, Dojo and Camping for Travelling Aikidoka in Australia. As is customery with our AKI International network all Aiki groups as well as our own interstate and International members are invited and are most welcome to visit, stay and enjoy a Noosa Aiki Camping experience with modern amenities. As well as four Aikido classes per week we also conduct outdoor night time Bokken, Jo and Shoto practise, Misogi and Meditation sessions and a camp fire for winding down after winter practise. The famous Noosa main beach, Noosa river and lakes are only a short walk from the dojo. We are at the gateway to the great Australian Tropics

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