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Re: Defining 3 Basics of Aikido: Kokyu Power

Mark Freeman wrote: View Post
My own background was not - build the body first approach - this may well be a valid and the right approach. I was taught that the mind had a part to play in every single exercise that was practiced. The body was used to train the mind, once the mind could do as it is shown by the body, then the body can relax and take the lead from the mind, following the mental construct in perfect co-ordination. It works for me and now I am stuck with it

p.s. see you in London in May
Horses for courses I guess Mark...a good friend of mine suggests that traditional Aikido starts with the physical and moves towards Ki and that the Ki organisations tend to do the reverse...obviously a sweeping generalisation but seems to reflect our experiences.

Both ways have produced some good people ...maybe they are equally valid and the differing starting places are not so important as the similar end place?

Yes - see you in May - looking forward to it.


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