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Re: Defining 3 Basics of Aikido: Kokyu Power

Well, to be fair my original post in the other thread was more focused on identifying the need to better define many of our terms, not laying out any terms to define.

That said, kokyu-ryoku, tai-no-sabaki, and ki-no-musubi are good places to begin. I have heard on more than one occassion waza is often the culprit of detracting focus from better basics in aikido. Musubi (ki no musubi) was one of the terms I heard early in my education. I think this term is probably what many consider "aiki". In aikido, this would like as #1 for me, since I would argue without the "aiki" we are doing jutsu.
Tai no sabaki (and tai no henko) are pretty clear terms. They are unglamorous and mundane. This would probably hit #2 on my list since proper body movement is essential to any technique. The focus on "body" movement (as opposed to handwork or technique) is a solid principle in my book.

Kokyu is a little loose which is partly to blame for its vague interpretations. Kokyu rokyu maybe does a better job of promoting the expansion/contraction aspect of "breathing". I dunno. This one threw me for a loop for some time and is still vague from dojo to dojo; I'd argue this hits the "advanced" section. I actually perfer to think about kokyu as the expansion and contraction of musubi. I'd probably say the pressure of suki is #3 from me. That is, the concept that suki is the expression of openings created from a gap in musubi. In physical principle this is represented by also maintaining a pressue against your partner, much like a hot and cold front of weather. May be splitting hairs there...

Anyway, these are solid things that should be in our aikido.
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