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Re: Where Did Ueshiba Morihei's Training Go?

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your thoughtful (and unexpected) response to my post. Your perspective certainly makes me think and is as enlivening as your training.

I think I am about to back-track on my statement:

I just raise the possibility that internal training wasn't central to O'Sensei's spiritual quest and therefore only remains in today's Aikido in vestiges.
My speculation that Ueshiba wasn't very successful in transmitting IP skills because he was being drawn into something else may be quite wrong. It could be that this knowledge got lost in transmission for a number of reasons, some of them resting with his students. Your argument that Ueshiba was able to experience transformation in his life because of IP seems to ring true. I also agree that there remains "a profound dissonance" between Ueshiba and the way Aikido is practiced today. Just to be clear though, I didn't intend to imply in my post that Aikidoists could skip over IP/Aiki simply because Ueshiba didn't spend a lot of time coaching it.

This by the way is a cool statement:

...a feeling" that will build in them, a feeling akin to living free in the world and changing them from within...
Boy, there is a lot I don't understand, but isn't his what a lot of people in Aikido are trying to find?


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