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Re: Ki Society Syllabus

Many thanks!

Our syllabus is very similar to the one that Craig linked to.

There are more aikido techniques in our 5th kyu grading and aside from the shokyu, chukyu and jokyu ki tests, we don't have to demonstrate individual ki-excercises as part of the grading itself.

The other thing is that, for historical reasons, the shokyu, chukyu and jokyu ki tests are linked to 4th kyu, 2nd kyu and 1st dan rather than 5th, 3rd and 1st kyu.

Apart from that, it's quite similar with eg. nikkyo, sankyo and yonkyo coming into the grading syllabus at 3rd kyu, hanmi handachi and munatsuki kokyunages at 1st kyu and the same attacks for the 5 arts at 1st dan and 2nd dan.

The thing that I was most curious about when I originally posted was the requirements for Sandan. Our "mat" gradings only go up to 2nd dan, so I was particularly wondering what the "official" requirements for 3rd dan were.

There aren't any taigis in our grading system at all. I'd never thought of them in a grading context before but I do like the idea!

Grigsby sensei tends to recapitulate all previous kyu ranks for each test, so the kyu tests are quite a bit longer than they appear on the list. She also tests ukemi and then (when the candidate is winded) ki breathing. I did some serious "ki wheezing" on my last test.
Yes, for all our gradings you have to do the new stuff plus the old stuff to the new standard.

"ki wheezing" . . . lol! This is abit like the situation in our first / second dan test (and yours too maybe?) where you do the 4 / 5 person randori (that's four or five person not four fifths of a person) until you can't possibly go on and then for a bit longer and then you do kokyu dosa . . .

Thanks again to everyone that posted.

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