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Stephen Kotev
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Re: Any instructors here ever challenged?

Chuck Clark wrote:
Hi Stephen,

Just a small note of clarification... You have been on the mat with me and so you should understand how important I think it is to be clear. I don't know Mr. Sorrentino other than reading his posts here. So, I can't vouch for his offer... however, I do know Dennis Hooker. Since Dennis Hooker Sensei vouches for this offer, I'll stand with Dennis and support this adventure.

Take care,

Thank you for the clarification. You are absolutely correct.

IF it does eventually happen I would enjoy seeing you and Dennis at the edge of the mat in your "front row seats."

Heck even if it does not happen it would be good to see either of you. Are there any plans for any joint seminars with Dennis and Ellis in the future? I could not make the last one but I would love to be able to catch the next one.

All the Best,