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Re: Is AIKI a regular occurance in professional fights?

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
I am reading some Feldenkrais stuff right now. while he had a different agenda physically in improving his patients and clients, certainly you see a degree of understanding of the same principles.

Anyway, I think the discussion should center around "where do you see it", and "how are they using it"...and not "they are not using it' and "what is aiki anyway".
Glad to hear you're reading Feldenkrais. I don't think he's trying to communicate aiki but just a deep ability to feel what we're doing in our own bodies and to choose better movement whenever we recognize a choice. And as we do that, we become able to recognize finer and finer distinctions in what we're doing.

I think a lot of the internal training that is so physically hard is designed to achieve by sort of "brute force" what Feldenkrais does from the opposite direction--almost no force at all, then less and less force as you go along.

Then when you meet someone like Dan or Ark, you can better feel what's happening and you can learn it with less strain, maybe.

I understand your feelings about discussion of aiki, based on pure utilitarian need to get many things done. But remember that a lot of people here have been investing their lives in "aiki" arts for decades and it is natural that, if they hear that they've misunderstood or been mislead as to the nature of aiki, they're going to want to discuss that and there will be a lot of emotion involved in it. The sense of self is deeply involved. I think if people's concept of aiki can be expanded and deepened, it's good for the understanding of self as well.

Thank you.


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