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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
The problem here is, this isn't a true statement. While you are correct that anyone who hasn't done what you call internal training, should know your answers. People who haven't done what you do wouldn't know your answers for those questions.
That leaves you out of answering the question.
Why...don't you know the answers?

In order to talk about something we must find common ground. That's what I'm seeking to do. If you're not interested in finding common ground, that's fine, but then we don't need to say anything further to each other.
I have common ground with other people who have trained in ICMA in China. In detail. All of whom can answer those qestions. Why...since you claim to have learned internals in a year from an you not have answers?

There is a kind of cultural hang up here that I'm not comfortable discussing
The cultural hang up is not of our making and it is actually understandable considering these things are part of their cultural heritage and their teaching model is throughout their culture.

I disagree. When standing, only a few muscles need to be working in order to hold the body up. When we get stressed out, we tend to contract unnecessary muscle groups. For example, when someone clinches their fists when they get worried. This is an example of unnecessary tension in thei body. When you are flexing your quads when they can relax, or your deltoids when standing upright has nothing to do with these muscle groups. Any time there is unnecessary tension in the body it leads to the body being "out of balance". I think that description is a good one, but I'd be willing to entertain other ones as well.
I have met thousand of people who relax or... flex... as they are toppled. It has not one thing to do with connecting the body, where, how, and what-to-what. It just isn't anything I recognize as *supported* internal power. Now, there is a way and means to relax tha is not the same as *relaxing* that makes power on contact. This power is soft, neutral and manipulated to make kuzushi, or aiki on contact.

Dan, to use a recent quote "All of which is non-descriptive, unsupported and has no specific value." If you don't want to answer the question that's fine.
Chris, I did answer

Oh, sorry, that's all you had to say. But then why post on Aikiweb in threads where people are discussing things?
Well actually I have written more *useful* things pointing in the right direction than most anyone here. And Chris...I am travelling and putting my reputation on the line in so many open rooms against seriously capable people that i loss count, all in trying to help and putting my money where my mouth is.
On any other topic I have tremendous respect for your search and what you are trying to do.
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