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Re: Some similarities in Internal Body Skills between Chinese and Japanese arts

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Er... you've never said what? I didn't give a quote for you to ask for, so that's a bizarre statement to ask for the quote. Do you mean an example of one of the numerous posts where you've talked about how Ueshiba owed everything to Takeda.... posts which have been mentioned a number of times, as you well know? Any particular flavor you want? What you started doing after those posts was say that they weren't meant to trivialize and that you really respected Ueshiba, yada, yada, but that doesn't change the fact that you have made a number of them and we all know it. Of course, you'll then want to discuss whether you were really trivializing Ueshiba, so if that's the sort of discussion you want, start a thread that says "I've never trivialized Ueshiba" and let's see how many people can contribute various posts of your, without derailing this thread.

Um, Ueshiba does owe his martial skills to Takeda. That's fact. Just as Sagawa owed his martial skills to Takeda. You might still be searching for that holy grail of the Chinese connection via Deguchi, but it's pretty obvious to anyone doing the in depth research in Daito ryu where Ueshiba got his martial skills. Where aiki came from. That would be Takeda. Fact. And aiki isn't a trivial matter at all. It's what gave Ueshiba the base to branch off into the spiritual side of things.

But I didn't say Ueshiba owed everything to Takeda. I've stated numerous times Ueshiba had a spiritual side. I've stated numerous times that Ueshiba created something new in aikido, but that in video he's still seen doing Daito ryu techniques. It's all fact for anyone to see. Doesn't trivialize what Ueshiba had done. And unlike you, I always knew he had the "skills". I've never had to readjust my view of Ueshiba's skills. Quite a few people have had to readjust their views of Daito ryu and Aikido because of certain people being able to use Takeda's aiki in a live environment. Huh. Isn't that a kicker.

Way too off topic for me. I'll leave things at that.
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