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Re: Some similarities in Internal Body Skills between Chinese and Japanese arts

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
I've barely begun training these internal skills, so In the RSF thread, people are posting about what they think is going on or how it works. That's valuable to me.
I asked you *what* was valuable, Mark. Think of it from my point of view.... if you find all that stuff that's being posted in the RSF thread "valuable", but I don't, then your view of valuable is different from mine, in that regard. So my question is why I should say anything when you're apparently confused about what is valuable and what is not.... see my point?

That's why if you want someone to offer some pointers, you need to step up and write some how-to's and show that you're thinking and not just waiting for a handout.

Incidentally, most of that stuff on RSF is guys impressing each other with buzzwords; it's not useful "how-to" information. Go through each post and read it carefully for any "how-to" information while comparing what is said in terms of buzzwords, veiled hints of secret knowledge, and so forth. You'll see what I mean.


Mike Sigman
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