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graham christian
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Re: Violence and Aikido

A second point I'd like to bring up here is Aikido techniques. The alterations in them, subtle, make them perfect as non-violent techniques.

Not that I've met too many who understand this or have ever differentiated in this way

So through thousands of corrections over the years I did come to the belief that most didn't understand. I found then that on here that would be taken as insult, shame. Such is my experience.

I have been shown we do it this way here and this way over here and we were told this and we were told that.I'm used to it, it's nothing new in my world. However virtually all of the techniques done in ways different to mine fitted a lack of understanding, if I consider my understanding correct that is, and all when corrected resulted in the person with a 'light bulb' coming on in their heads and at last having it make sense.

A technique that doesn't harm. A technique that doesn't rely on uke having to do something to avoid pain. A technique devoid of force or violence. A technique the violent mind is not used to. A technique based on the natural way of Ki and love.

A different world.

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