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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
don't you just hate these folks. they wasted thousands of hour posting and reading and researching and so on and won't just give us a straight answer. they expect us to go and read through all their posts, journals, books and think things through which would have wasting lots of our time when they could have just tell us directly. what do they think we are at? some kind of research/higher learning institution or something? all these guys are just theory and opinion and postulate without exposed themselves for hand on testing of such theory and opinion and so on. hmmm.... oh wait! Dan and you IS folks, stop expose yourself to all these aikido teachers and messing up our argument! you guys supposed to run some kind of scam, at least try to act like it. there, that show em!

and that Chris Li, who he thinks he is. even though, he has been practiced more years in aikido than us wearing underwear, and practiced with the like of Yamaguchi, and translated for the previous doshu as well as the current doshu, come on, what does he know about aikido or aiki? he should take example from Ikeda sensei and went to learn aiki stuffs from the like of Ushiro sensei, not some unknown, unranked, nobody like Dan or Sigman or ..... just not right, if you ask me. oh wait! you didn't ask me. nevermind!
Now, Now Phil!

Please remember the Golden Rule: Everybody's opinions are valuable . How dare you suggest that well-informed, extensively researched "opinions" are more valuable than highly idiosyncratic and overly personalized ones! EGADS, that's it, off to the punishment center with you!

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