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The most ardent, derogatory comments I have heard about Aikido are FROM it's teachers. I am continually told I have breathed a new hope into their art. Both for infusing stunning aiki back in and for showing how it can transform from MMA to waza.
I am not inclined to debate with Mr. McGraw when his seniors agree with me and recognize that I am working to support Aikido, and not harm it.
I think he has some notion that I am interested in debating. something with him.

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Well, I've held dan ranks both directly from Saotome and from hombu since before you started Aikido.

I criticize the US government, but I'm still a US citizen - when did "love it or leave it" become the rule? If it is the rule - I think that Saotome is going to have to leave the Aikikai again, based on some of the comments I've heard him make .