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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

Ken McGrew wrote: View Post

Dan and crowd have repeatedly argued,that no one has done Aikido properly since O'Sensei (or perhaps Saito Sensei). When they make these blanket statements they insult all of our teachers. If they won't back up these claims better than they have then they should expect to be criticized for having done so.
Actually, Dan's not that big a Saito fan, but that's beside the point. Dan's very pragmatic - if you have a better approach, or if you think that your current training paradigm is producing the same or better effects, and you can show him - he'll love it. If you can't, well...

I spent quite a few years with Saotome, and quite a few years in Japan. I've felt most of the big names - including Saotome's teacher, and this is where I am after feeling Dan. Give it a try and what he's saying will start to make sense.