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Re: If you could make one change in Aikido

Michael Neal wrote:
I think it is interesting that practitioners of both Judo and Aikido seem to want more atemi waza training incorporated into practice.
I'm surprised more people haven't jumped on this bandwagon. After all, didn't O'Sensei say "Aikido is 90% atemi"? I'm lightly hitting uke all the time when he/she makes an error with the ukemi. There's usually a huge opening in that case. I get hit quite a bit as well while taking ukemi for my Sensei.

On the otther hand it dosen't seem to be a very big part of the focus for Aikido as a whole these days. I'm amazed at the number of people I've met who don't even know Aikido has atemi-waza, or even more disappointing, can't throw a punch.
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