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Re: Finding our own way in and out of Aikido

I don't define the supernatural as those things I don't understand. The whole point of science is to try to understand natural phenomena we don't understand. It also has nothing to do with things that are obvious, easy to understand or intuitive. Science has shown that many natural phenomena follow consistent patterns that are completely counter-intuitive.

So what does not believing in the supernatural mean to me. Let me put it this way, I believe that the Universe contains all existence (by definition) and that all of existence is constrained by the same sets of rules and processes. There are no superheroes capable of escaping the laws of thermodynamics, nor are there omniscient gods capable of predicting random quantum events. I don't believe in these things (which is why I self identify as a Bright) because I have never seen any evidence of their existence (and as a freethinker I require evidence on which to base my beliefs; tradition, dogma and cultural norms just don't cut it for me).

Freethought is about how you come about your beliefs and says nothing about what those beliefs are, other than the belief that freethough is the best way to choose your beliefs. Everybody has beliefs, I have never suggested otherwise.

To get back to something related to aikido. The jokes about whether a Christian moves one way and au freethinker another does cut to an important point. Aikido is first and foremost a form of physical training. At a minimum it requires nothing more than a body to train. Which is why, all this philosophical nonsence aside, we should all still be able to train together.

Jonathan Olson
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