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Re: Finding our own way in and out of Aikido

David Soroko wrote: View Post
Only if you choose to call a world view which excludes supernatural, a religion. I think that this approach dilutes "religion" to the point where it ceases to be a useful concept.
The supernatural is an emergent property of nature, not other than nature may be, but other than it has been, yet. It is an entry of real novelty into the system. The source of novelty is and remains a mystery, to both doctrinal religion as to doctrinal science. It is not known to any doctrine that can be taught, but it is known in faith.

If you deny that an emergent property can be, simply because you haven't seen it before, well, that is not a logical objection, it is to be expected -- emergent forms or properties are not predictable from the linear summation of what generated them. They occur almost exclusively in recursive systems, chaotically but deterministically, and not with any linear predictability.

Recursion, or a reflexive function, is an aspect of the observer problem in fundamental physics. If we accept that observation is a necessary component of the reduction of reality to a single state, in each moment (in each wave-function comprising it and this seems to be empirically the case, despite all efforts to reduce the observer out of the system) -- What then, is doing the observing? More accurately, since we cannot seem to define an observer in other than personal terms, WHO is it then, that is watching ?

Aikido, in its takemusu aiki aspect, represents the emergent forms of interaction from joining in well-trained aiki, not planned and executed techniques, and not predictable, but highly aware, and reflexive in awareness, composing both the objective (attack) and subjective (connecting without resisting) into one recursive system that takes on a life of its own, in ways independent from the explicit parameters of the separate components as they entered into the system.

Divine technique, like the man said. It is the universal situation painted in a personal miniature.


Erick Mead
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