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Re: Finding our own way in and out of Aikido

Almost everybody in aikido has a worldview that is very different than O-sensei's. Seriously, how many devout Shinto mystics have you trained with. I often wonder if certain elements of O-sensei's beliefs and sayings have any relevance to my life at all. I'm a Bright (no supernatural beliefs), so I tend to take any discussions of ki, kami and unity with the divine as metaphor or I simply ignore it. However, as a freethinker I try to keep my eyes and mind opened to different ways of interpreting things.

I think the reason certain Christians tend to be the ones to agonize about differences between their worldview and that of O-sensei's is that they have a hell to fear and that if you believe yours is the one absolute Truth, that pretty much makes everybody else wrong. Many Christians seem to live in mortal fear of being led astray.

As the student of one path that has probably led more Christians out of the flock than any other (the science of biology), maybe they're right to worry.

Of course, they're also seems to be no lack of Christians capable of taking the parts of aikido, or biology for that matter, that fit their worldview and integrating them into their lives while training alonside aikidoka with all types of backgrounds and beliefs.

Then you have the Jeshua-do types that mold aikido to their beliefs and surround themselves with like-minded individuals. Personally, I'm not tempted to start an explicitly supernatural free aikido dojo. I prefer the diversity that comes with a broader cross-section of society.

Jonathan Olson
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