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Chris Parkerson
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Re: Fight as you train...Huh?

I have been "contact" punched by top Dillman instructors to no avail. Yet, I heave used some level of aiki-no-jutsu during a fight. But there has to be a form of to that accompanies it. Sympathetic movement can be hypnotizing. But, as I have said before, you cannot do Aiki on a cow. There has to be some level of intellect that is willing to get hypnotized. It is also hard to hypnotize a real fighter who wants to really fight.

There is a story about when Kenpo Celebrity "Speakman" confronted Dillman and allegedly said , "well, does it work in a fight?" Dillman allegedly said, "yes.". Then Speakman got into a neutral bow with guard up. He began to attain what Ed Parker called "the gaseous state". Dillman allegedly said, "point taken."
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