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Re: *gulp*

Hi Bobblyn.
Here are a few other thoughts.

My first testing...I was nervous, "what the hell am I doing here" ...Am I going to understand the grading officer when he speaks (not practicing in my mother tongue),
and "well, let`s have some fun and see how it will turn out !!"

If you grade with someone else grading at the same time, realise your uke is equally nervous to be here.

If your sensei thinks you are ready, then you are ready. Believe him, it will boost your confidence. He is not here to shame you or
put you under the light and then let you fail. You are beginning,
you dont know what a grading officer is looking for, but your sensei
knows, or has a lot better idea than you (and he may be the grading officer too, so he knows what to look for).

The line I heard often from my sensei..." no one from our club ever failed a grading, so no pressure, but you know what to do !!"
We have a great Sensei with great humor !!

Isn`t an important part of the test to see if you can control your nervousness and stay relaxed ?

I like tests for giving me the opportunity to see how well I do under "pressure". Do I focus better / worse / same under pressure ? Do I apply this kotegaeshi the same way to my uke ( more force? less ? thinking of uke or just "doing the technique" without trying to adjust to my uke force/speed/position..) ?
Am I spending the test thinking of technical details ( foot here, hand here, moves this way, ...) or flowing with my uke movement and hoping I`m applying the technique that was called for !
Am I going to be sick all over the place ?
Do I see my Sensei making face to me after I applied really badly a technique we had done countless number of times ?
Do I promise to myself to work more and get it better the next time, and the next, and the next ?
Do I look to the outside world, or am I focusing only on my uke?me?

Of course, part of how I relax is ...knowing I know the techniques and how to apply them. Work, practice...thinking of the principles...thinking back how I was reacting during the test, if I can remember...

Still lots of work (Good !!)
Enjoy your gradings ! Keep a smile on your face and give everything you have ! (and do the same when you are uke)
You`ll smile on your grading memories.

Sorry to be a bit long !! For my first test, I was not thinking too much of what the test was, or what it will bring me or how do I react to it. Just - do - the - test, and enjoy your day.
Smile at your uke. Be serious. Do it.

Have a great day.

PS: and if you lose your belt during a grading or forget a technique...dont panic, and do something !
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