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Re: *gulp*

test truly do vary widely in aikido.
Not just from style to style but 'in style' from dojo to dojo.

As one person mentioned, they get 5th kyu just by knowing the different moves - our 4th dan gives the 6th kyu after 3-4 months, the sempai who trains us tends to give it out after 6 months...go figure.

At least I will be perfect in Kote Gaeshi by the time its all said and done.

So the point really all rest with what you learn and how your flowing...the ranks in and of themself do not 'globally' really point to the same thing - so to speak.

i.e., my 6th kyu looks as follows:
- Ai Hanmi Katate Tori: Irimi nage - shio nage - kote Gaeshi - Uchikaiten Nage (heard of this one?)
- Gyaku Hanmi Katate Tori: Shiho Nage & Kokyuho
- Shomenuchi: Irimin Nage
- stances: Shizentai, Hidari Kame, Migi Kamae
- seps: irimi, Tai Sabaki, Ushiro Tenkan, Kaiten Ashi
- Ukemi: Ushiro Ukemi, Mae Ukemi

- plus we need to know 'history,' and 4 principles of Koichi Tohei (no we are not ki aikido) - and have a 'physical stamina' test of sorts.

a bit different than the 'typical' bit. (nothing extra special...infact some could say a bit 'boring' starting at Ai Hanmi, etc. instead of Shomenuchi or Tsuki (chudan, etc)



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