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Demetrio Cereijo
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Re: Haruo Matsuoka's tsuki no kamae

Don J. Modesto wrote:
Where'd ya get the pic?
And it's from the MA magazine "El Budoka", Jan 07 issue.

Let's see.

The original thread with the pic was started by a Shin Shin Aiki Shuren Kai guy who basically said "people should review the materials before printing the magazines".

Some posts later, a man named Marcos Peña Molina, Aikido instructor who says he's a follower of Seagal - Matsuoka style (and i think the one with the jo in "hasso" kamae) wrote:

...y el otro que porta el bokken esta en acción para hacer tsuki, y para hacer este movimiento el bokken o puede partir girado desde el principio o giran las manos al final.
Roughly translated: to do this movement (tsuki) bokken can start turned or can be turned at the end.

Then, things went a bit heathen and various dojo yaburi were issued.

I wanted to confirm from independent sources if this tsuki kamae is usual in Matsuoka Sensei or if it was a Mr. Peña attempt to save face; you know, self-web image and assorted insecurities.

In any case my intentions were to critizise Matsuoka Sensei, only have oppinions from more experienced practitioners.

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