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Re: Pain in aikido?

I was actually thinking about the pain vs discomfort thing last night. A few says ago I was working with a guy in bjj. He was trying to drive his forarm into my throat as a crude attempt at a choke. I was calm and worked my position and caught him in an armbar. Afterwards he asked me "Didnt' that hurt?". My response was "Yea, it was actually very painful, but I knew I wasn't in any danger of getting hurt by it.".

That got me thinking. New people tap to pain. Experianced people learn to listen to their bodies and learn the difference between pain and damage. There are positions that just plain hurt, and those which are going to hurt you. Another example would be an attempted rear nakid choke done on me last week. It wasn't sunk deeply enough and I was in no danger of actually getting choked. While I was working my defense my partner (Who seems to think sparing is competition) slid his arm up and tried to choke out my nose and mouth. His goal was to apply enough pain to get me to tap vs choking me. There was a significate amount of pain, but I knew he wasn't in position to break my nose and he wasn't twisting in a way that was dangerous to my jaw. So I just kept fighting it half heartedly until he gassed from using all his muscle to 'choke my face'. Then I turned into him and got the tap. It was a huge amount of pain (the insides of my lips were cut and it sucked to eat that night), but I knew there was no danger so it was easy to push though. When I was just starting out I would of tapped 2 or 3 seconds into that 'choke'.

- Don
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