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Pierre Chassang, born in 1918, is an aikidoka holding 8th dan Takemusu Aiki Intercontinental and 6th dan Aikikai. First taught aikido by Tadashi Abe in 1952.

On return to Japan of Abe in 1960, he was instrumental in the creation of the Association Culturelle Européenne d'Aikido. Studies with Mutsuro Nakazono.

Founding member of the International Aikido Federation, of which he served as General Treasurer for several years. President of European Aikido Federation. Closely allied for many years with Nobuyoshi Tamura. Founding member of Takemusu Aiki Intercontinental with Philippe Voarino.
Pierre Chassang Sensei would be the best source of information on Tadashi Abe Sensei, he is 92 yrs of age, he was Abe Sensei's first European ( French ) student, he also helped Abe Sensei write his books in French.....You could pm Darren Sims who is a member here who I believe is still in contact with Chassang Sensei...
Chassang Sensei is a true gentleman of Aikido who I first met over 50 years ago. If he has written his memories of Abe Sensei ??? I would dearly like to read them...

Henry Ellis
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