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Re: Irimi nage- Tenkan to throw?

Raul Rodrigo wrote: View Post
Hi Joe:

Here are a couple of examples:
Thanks so much, Raul - I do appreciate you're making that effort for me! You found some good selections.

I concede: My statement that iriminage is fundamentally about helping uke up from an unbalanced forward position is not accurate. There is simply too wide a variety of things named "iriminage."

I could try other descriptions too, but they'd be equally wrong or incomplete. My other best effort, unbalance uke so that his hips are forward of his head, then throw, falls flat too; shihonage; kotegaeshi; a munetsuki kokyunage where nage enters very deeply outside uke's arm, pivoting and grabbing shoulders, then dropping; and the "sokumen iriminages," if we make the distinction; for instance, all have this quality but wouldn't be classified "iriminage." If we allow Tissier's "feel free to run into my fist if you want" at 1:01, we can't even say that nage's body position behind uke, or even a characteristic "clothes line" position, is part of the technique.

It's tough when we start trying to categorize and name everything. The words I selected for tailored for James' question about why nage might pivot instead of step through for the final throwing action in Tissier's iriminages. I hope I at least hit that nail, even if awkwardly

Thanks again, Raul.
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