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Re: Baseline skillset

Erick Mead wrote:
I did not say that it did. I said that the points of movement and dynamics discussed as being taught by the reeling silk methods are are taught in Aikido in different ways,
Well, not really. Not even close to the way you're imagining things, Erick.
Actually, I do not travel on my suspicion, but what his observant student said about what Wang Hai Jun actually teaches:
I doubt that Nick, whom I've known for years and who has hosted a number of workshops I've done, would agree with the way that you're interpretting this, Erick.
Oh, gee. ---Who was it who went on and on about hips and rotational dynamics some while back??? And energy generation from the uncoiling chains of the limbs ??? Lessee -- who was that again ???
Well, if you're not really understanding what is involved in reeling silk, which I can tell you fairly casually that you're not, then your dancing a jig is premature.
I would call what he physically describes as a straightforward irimi/tenkan movement
I'm sure you would. Similarly, if my aunt had balls, I'd call her my uncle.
My only comment on Mr. Gudge's excellent observation of Wang Hai Jun's chan si exercises is that I would qualify it to say that the legs "follow" or "capture" that natural 'figure of eight' type motion of the baalnce rather than "generate" it, exactly.

I am not saying you are wrong in applying or discussing the Chinese concepts, and never have (except on the "resistance" thing, and then only in reference to aikido).

I am simply saying there many more ways to also be right.
Similarly, there are many more ways to be wrong than even that, Erick. As I said, a conversation about reeling silk internal strength is not really germane to Aikido. It's particularly not germane to a thread topic about "Baseline skillset", IMO.


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