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Re: Baseline skillset

Erick Mead wrote:
Substance without form is a shapeless goo, form without substance is a dessicated shell. That is why I put the point on two inseparable poles.

First -- the form of the essential movement -- which is in the kokyu tanden ho, and in the waza -- and it is essentially one form -- of endless variations.

Second, the substance of the connection which is sensed (best for me) in the tekubi furi exercise (and in furitama and torifune and funakogi undo and others).

They are fundamentally the same thing -- but again two perspectives, and they must be unified.
Can I suggest the entire rationale for this thread is because there is too much focus on the FORM and next to none on the SUBSTANCE.

You know the old sales technique - sell the sizzle not the sausage?

Yeah, the sizzle (i.e. form) smells great.... BUT what I want to know is WHERE'S THE BEEF (i.e. substance)? I'm sure others do too...

If form was the be-all and end-all of aikido, then everyone practising the FORM of aikido would be great masters surely...

Wasn't it Terry Dobson who wrote: "The form of aikido is the enemy of aikido"?

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