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Chuck Clark
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Re: Gripping.

Janet Rosen wrote:
I can't figure out, if my hand cannot get around to grip to begin with, why in the world a stronger grip would do a darn thing for me?

I also cannot figure out why one would want to develop it? It won't help with connection, with finding technique, or any of the other things I'm training on in the dojo.
I agree with you Janet. I spend a lot of my practice reminding myself "not to grip" because a gripping action is actually pulling the uke towards you way more than I like. Also, I found out a long time ago that whatever you have a hold of also has a hold of you through the same connection. Another thought... if you grip, it takes longer than you think to let go or change...

In my opinion, aikido is a "cutting art" not a grappling art.

Chuck Clark
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