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Re: Striking all along ( Wrong. Apologies.)

Hansel Wong wrote: View Post the midst of pitched battle, against a fully armored warrior and aiming for a target the size of a china cup saucer, and pressed for time because you never know when the next guy is coming to take your head while you are trying to find the saucer. Can you expect to have a specific target in mind?

A duel is even worse. The other guy has the same weapon as you, do you not think that he would know where he could be cut and take precautions? To aim for a specific target then would make you predictable, and shortly dead.

In which case, my serious answer would be;

"where is my blade? It is in the mind."

"Where do I cut? Where the mind is weakest."

In my opinion of course.
I think there's a distinction to be made for having a target and overcommitting to "a" target. The targets present themselves as the flow of movement unfolds. In a sense, I would guess that we ought have multiple targets at the same time, and it's a matter of finding our way to one or more of them, through the manipulation of other targets (targets we're not trying to cut so much as get to move out of our way).

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